Online Workshop:
Teaching K-5 Reading with Small-Group Instruction

Online Workshop:
Teaching K-5 Reading with Small-Group Instruction

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Teaching K-5 Reading with Small-Group Instruction $140

Teaching K-5 Reading with Small-Group Instruction 

In this powerful workshop, teachers will learn how to plan and conduct differentiated small-group reading sessions that result in improved student achievement. During the workshop, Kristi McCullough shows teachers how to support students at their developmental levels, how to engage students in authentic text, and how to provide students with targeted lessons to increase their comprehension in both literature and informational texts.


  • Learn how to develop a schedule where small-group reading occurs in tandem with students working independently in literacy stations.
  • Obtain ways to utilize teacher-led small groups during the reading block.
  • Understand how to interpret reading levels of students and match them to an appropriate book level.
  • Gain strategies to support readers at all stages of reading: emergent, early, transitional, and fluent.
  • Learn how to tie whole-group mini-lessons to small-group instruction in order to support the five components of reading.
  • Learn types of before, during, and after-reading strategies and how they fit into small-group reading lessons.

When you complete the workshop, you'll be able to:

  • Use small groups to support and deepen mini-lesson skills first taught during whole-class direct instruction.
  • Introduce a new text to students in a way that provides support for them to be able to decode and understand the text.
  • Increase the amount of time students spend reading the whole text.
  • Cultivate student interaction with the text during reading.
  • Organize your space and supplies to make small-group instruction both efficient and effective.


Three reasons to enroll

1. The stakes are high, and the heat is on.

Student achievement in reading is as important now as ever. Teachers need the tools and strategies to deliver research-based best-practice methods. (Our strategies are classroom-tested and practical!)

2. Using time effectively is essential.

In order for small-group guided reading instruction to be effective, time with the teacher has to be carefully planned and purposeful. (Learn to make the most of your small-group time!)

3. Differentiation is challenging but necessary.

Teachers are used to dealing with students who have diverse needs, but knowing how to meet those needs in the area of reading is a priority. (Meet students at their instructional level!)

Top questions teachers ask about teaching K-5 reading with small-group instruction

  • How does my whole-class instruction impact my plan for small-group support?
  • How do I know which students to group together?
  • What types of books/passages can I use for small groups?
  • What other ways can kids read in a small group other than "round robin"?
  • How can I use the assessments I already do to drive my whole-class instruction?
  • How can I use the guided reading block to support content-area learning?

Kristi McCullough provides the answers to these questions and many more!

What others say about Kristi's workshops

"Great workshop with lots of concrete examples that I can go back and use tomorrow. Good for beginning and veteran teachers." Leah Taylor, Teacher, Gosport Elementary School, Gosport, IN

"Not only have I learned to implement literacy stations in my classroom, but I'm leaving with the tools and confidence to teach my team so we can all get started on a great year!" Krystal Taylor, Teacher, Discovery Charter School, Porter, IN

"Kristi is amazing! Her enthusiasm is contagious!" Debbie Schmidt, Teacher, Camden Primary School, Camden, OH

"It was informative as well as realistic! I will be able to apply many of the strategies in my classroom." Linda Maden-Blava, Teacher, Oakwood Grade School, Oakwood, IL

"Great ideas, great presenter, very engaging! Can't wait to implement in my classroom this year!" Sammy Combs, Teacher, St. Mary of the Knobs Catholic School, Floyds Knobs, IN

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the workshop start and finish?

The workshop can begin at any time.

How long do I have access to the workshop?

After enrollment, you have access to the content for 30 days. You determine how fast or slow you want to progress through the workshop during this time.

Can I share my workshop with colleagues?

Sorry, online workshop sharing is not allowed. Our Terms of Use specify that one registration fee allows access for just one person. However, we are happy to offer group discounts. Give us a call at (888) 376-0448 to get the details.

Can I get continuing education credits?

Most likely! With prior approval from your school district, participants may receive credit for up to 5 hours of professional development for each workshop. A certificate of completion is available when you select the "Verified View." No certificate is awarded when you select the "Flexible View."

Can I earn graduate credit?

Thanks to a partnership with the Midwest Teachers Institute, educators who enroll in two eligible webAcademy workshops simultaneously can earn three hours of nationally-accredited graduate credit for just $375. Utilizing Data to Differentiate Small-Group Guiding Reading is the corresponding workshop for Teaching K-5 Reading with Small-Group Instruction. (To earn graduate credit participants must select the “Verified View” enrollment option.) Graduate credits offered through MTI are non-degree credits which are designed for professional certification renewals and salary step increases. Contact Brady Smekens, Director of Professional Development, for details, (888) 376-0448.

What if I am unhappy with the workshop?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 10 days, and we will give you a full refund.

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