Online Workshop:
Teaching Writing Skills All Year Long Grades 3-12

Online Workshop:
Teaching Writing Skills All Year Long Grades 3-12

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Teaching Writing Skills All Year Long:
Grades 3-12

Teaching Writing Skills All Year Long: Grades 3-12 

After you’ve devised a plan to launch your writer’s workshop during the first weeks of school, the next step is to look ahead toward the rest of the year. This online workshop is designed to guide K-12 teachers through the planning of a yearlong writing curriculum. This includes determining mini-lesson instruction, identifying frequent assignments, and communicating assessment feedback all within the three major types of writing— opinion/persuasive/argumentative, informative/expository, and narrative.

The video content for this workshop is exactly the same as the "Teaching Writing Skills All Year Long: Grades K-2" workshop, with one exception. When you enroll in this workshop, you receive a complimentary digital copy of Kristina's best-selling book, Launching the Writer's Workshop, Grades 3-12.


  • Define a "writing unit": its length, its focuses, and its final product(s).
  • Discover how often to "publish" a final draft and how frequently students should produce first drafts.
  • Identify procedures for selecting priority writing standards to target within each writing unit.
  • Learn strategies for teaching a writing skill over multiple days to deepen student understanding and gradually release responsibility to the students.
  • Learn effective ways to integrate convention/grammar skills throughout the year.
  • Learn how to incorporate mentor text examples and kid-friendly rubrics within a unit.
  • Receive suggestions for grading student writing and assessing students' understanding of a genre.

When you complete this workshop, you'll be able to:

  • Organize grade-level writing standards and grammar skills to be taught within any writing unit.
  • Embed the 6 Traits of Writing throughout the school year as you spiral through specific skills that are unique to each trait.
  • Speed up or slow down a unit to meet the needs of your writers.
  • Target isolated skills within intermittent "maintenance" mini-lessons throughout the year.
  • Assess mastery of writing skills via grades or standards-based reporting.
  • Teach writing with confidence and intentionality.

Top Questions Teachers Ask About a Yearlong Writer's Workshop

  • How do I find time in my daily schedule for writing?
  • How does a MS/HS teacher fit reading, writing, and grammar all into one class period?
  • How do I integrate my writing standards within my writing units?
  • How do I decide which skills I need to teach for each unit?
  • How many times should students write in the same genre?
  • How does grammar instruction fit into the writer's workshop?
  • How often should I offer free-choice versus prompted writing?
  • How can I grade/assess their writing more efficiently?

Kristina Smekens provides the answers to these questions and many more!


What teachers say about this workshop

“I was so excited to watch Kristina's online workshop from the convenience of my own home and still feel like I was at a live conference. She was motivating, engaging, and I finished the workshop with a better understanding of how to go from launching the writer's workshop to developing a yearlong plan.” Leslie Holder, teacher at Lawton Elementary School, Lawton, MI

"I finally feel like I have the 'how' when it comes to teaching writing." Huston Mathias, grade 8 US History & writing teacher at Ingersoll Middle School, Canton, IL

“Writing has long been a growth area for me, but I feel like after this training, I'm leaving with a feasible plan that will impact my students. For the first time ever, I'm excited about writing in my classroom. After this training, I have tools I need to be more effective so that my students can be more successful." Miranda Yonts, teacher at North Washington Elementary School, Springfield, KY

“As a secondary English major, I was taught how to write and how to analyze and how to teach in general; however, I was never taught how to teach others to write. Now, I finally have a solid place to start! You have given me the piece that I have been missing—the instruction on how to teach writing!” Cara Duensing, teacher at Suburban Bethlehem Lutheran School, Fort Wayne, IN

"I really appreciate you addressing the troubleshooting ideas. Instead of teachers giving up and saying, 'That won't work,' you provided solutions to potential roadblocks. I am leaving this professional development energized and better prepared to help the teachers in our school system with their writing instruction. Thank you so much for providing phenomenal, workable resources! I loved every minute." Dr. Melanie Park, Huntington University Assistant Professor and Writing Coach for Huntington County Community School Corporation, 2012 Teacher of the Year, Huntington, IN

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the workshop start and finish?

The workshop can begin at any time.

How long do I have access to the workshop?

After enrollment, students have access to the content for 30 days. You determine how fast or slow you want to progress through the workshop during this time.

Can I share my workshop with colleagues?

Sorry, online workshop sharing is not allowed. Our Terms of Use specify that one registration fee allows access for just one person. However, we are happy to offer group discounts. Give us a call at (888) 376-0448 to get the details.

Can I get continuing education credits?

Most likely! With prior approval from your school district, participants may receive credit for up to 5 hours of professional development for each workshop. A Certificate of Completion is provided to participants when they complete all aspects of the workshop.

Can I earn graduate credit?

Thanks to a partnership with the Midwest Teachers Institute, educators who enroll in two eligible webAcademy workshops simultaneously can earn three hours of nationally-accredited graduate credit for just $375. Launching the Writer's Workshop is the corresponding workshop for Teaching Writing Skills All Year Long. (To earn graduate credit participants must select the “Verified View” enrollment option.) Graduate credits offered through MTI are non-degree credits which are designed for professional certification renewals and salary step increases. Contact Brady Smekens, Director of Professional Development, for details, (888) 376-0448.

What if I am unhappy with the workshop?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 10 days, and we will give you a full refund.

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