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Virtual & Interactive Literacy Workshops
For more than a decade Smekens has been leading high-energy literacy workshops with Indiana teachers. Now, during the era of remote learning, attending a Smekens workshop is easier and more affordable than ever before. Check out the Super Saturday Writing Conference scheduled for Feb 6 & Feb. 20, 2021.

On-demand literacy workshops
Remote teaching, reading and writing are the core topics that are part of our webAcademy on-demand workshops. You’ll love the 60-day access period that allows you to watch the workshop gradually, on your timeline. Our self-paced online workshops provide the same energy, enthusiasm, and motivation that comes standard with every Smekens workshop.

Customized on-site literacy training
Even during the COVID era, Smekens literacy consultants are busy providing customized in-person professional development, when conditions allow. And when circumstances don’t allow in-person training, we are quick to pivot to a virtual setup using Zoom, Google Meet, or whatever platform you choose.

Live virtual literacy training
Smekens literacy consultants have been leading live virtual professional development for years. We are experienced at using videoconferencing platforms to lead customized training that equips teachers with the tools and motivation to improve instruction.

Remote coaching
After schools and districts participate in Smekens-led professional development, they can rely on their “Remote Coach” to guide, challenge, and encourage teachers through the hills and valleys of implementation. A convenient way to make previous training a priority, Remote Coaching uses live, two-way video conferencing software to foster small-group discussions about implementation.

webPD video subscription
With on-demand access to more than 250 professional learning videos, subscribers to webPD are equipped with the strategies they need to improve instruction, address emerging needs, and bolster achievement. And when the entire staff is included in the subscription, every educator in your building can learn to execute expert instruction all year long.

The Literacy Store
Leading standards-driven instruction is more attainable with the right materials. That’s why we offer hundreds of hand-picked recommended resources to accompany our professional development for teachers.