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What are ways to use exit tickets during remote teaching?

december 1, 2020

One of the most efficient ways to assess for understanding after a lesson is to use an exit ticket. In the traditional face-to-face classroom, this strategy serves as a check for understanding. It usually involves the teacher posing a question about the lesson and students jotting their thinking on pieces of paper. When they hand in the papers, they serve as their “ticket” to transition to the next activity, the next period, a restroom break, lunch, etc.

While paper passing isn’t feasible during remote teaching, the same valuable assessment data can be acquired in a digital format. Here are three methods that are both free and easy.

Google Jamboard

Google’s free interactive whiteboard application, Jamboard, allows teachers to create a shared document, share the link with students, and then invite them to contribute to content. To use this application as an exit ticket, teachers post the exit question on the Jamboard, and then students post their individual responses using the built-in sticky note feature. With each student’s name typed on his sticky-note responses, the teacher can assess the depth of their understanding.

The background image on the Google Jamboard could be related to the lesson, or it could be a graphic organizer. When teachers use the Smekens Education ABC Chart, students could be challenged to recall details from the lesson and then post them inside the box of the corresponding letter. Or, after a lesson on persuasive writing, the Jamboard exit ticket could be a T-Chart where students have to list “pros” or “cons” relative to a particular perspective or issue.

Jamboard What theme describes me billboard
Jamboard ABC Chart blank
Jamboard Pros and Cons


Teachers at every level love the interactive features that come standard with a free Flipgrid account. The real beauty of this platform is that it allows teachers to communicate with the entire class using video messaging.

To incorporate an exit ticket, simply post the question using text or video within Flipgrid and then ask students to record a short video answer.

The settings can be adjusted so that responses are visible to the whole class or just the teacher. And, if the teacher chooses, students could be given the opportunity to respond to exit tickets posted by their classmates.

Flipgrid Trait of Ideas ABC Chart

Video conferencing poll

Plickers, Kahoot, and other websites have offered exit-ticket ideas for years. And now, platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams have incorporated interactive polling into their live meetings as well. During any lesson or at its conclusion, the teacher can post a poll and get instant results.

When exit-ticket responses show a lack of understanding among students, the teacher knows to revisit the content and provide more explicit instruction. When responses reveal that students have grasped the objectives of the lesson, the teacher knows it’s safe to proceed with additional instruction and independent application.

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