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Follow a 6-Traits introduction with genre-specific units

september 22, 2020

An intentional, explicit introduction to the Six Traits of Writing should be part of the annual start-up to any writer’s workshop. Regardless if students know a lot or a little about these six ingredients to good writing, this establishes common language among the community of writers.

With procedures in place, writer stamina built, and trait language introduced, now teachers transition into writing units. For some, this is to embark on six to nine-week units, while others prefer shorter mini-units. Regardless of the approach, the secret is to teach students the different purposes and structures of the different genres.

Argumentative, persuasive, informative, and narrative writing all include the same six traits—but they each require different subskills. Remember, your yearlong writing instruction is not focused on “teaching the traits” but instead on teaching small skills within mini-lessons. The traits simply provide a way to organize those skills into logical, research-based categories.

For example, each unit relies heavily on the trait of organization. But the unique purpose and function of the beginning, middle, and end will vary—thus your lessons would be different.

Here is a more thorough list of unit-specific writing skills organized by the traits.

For primary and ELL teachers, this is also the case when guiding students through the developmental stages of writing. The traits are evident in pictorial writing, labeling, listing, and sentence writing. So each writing unit—regardless of the developmental stage—should still include trait-based lessons– but again, the skills would be vastly different. Here’s a list of examples.

Regardless of the grade level, when teaching writing, you must decide which trait-based skills you want to target per unit and then identify the lessons that will best support your instruction.

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Introducing the 6 Traits of Writing


Introduce the 6 Traits

Introduce 1-2 New Skills Per Mini-Unit


Introduce 1-2 new skills per mini-unit

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Track writing skills with a yearlong 6-Traits bulletin board