Graduate-Level Credit

Graduate-Level Credit

Earn Graduate-Level Credit at a Smekens Workshop

Smekens Education is pleased to provide the opportunity for educators to earn graduate-level university credit. Whether you attend one of our live workshops or participate in an online workshop, you may choose to earn 1, 2, or 3 non-degree credits. These credits are for licensure renewal and salary step increases only. The cost of graduate-level credit is separate from the workshop registration fee.


Smekens Education and the University of the Pacific/University College take pride in working together to make available the opportunity for educators like you, to earn graduate-level university semester credits/units. We understand that being an educator takes time, energy, and a lot of dedication, so we feel compelled to make this process affordable, practical, and at the same time rewarding.

For only an additional cost of $62 per credit, we can help you meet your salary advancement and/or recertification requirements. All University of the Pacific courses offered through Smekens Education are graded, graduate-level semester, professional development courses, designed as professional growth for educators.

1 Graduate-Level Credit:
$62 / 3-page reflection paper

2 Graduate Level Credits:
$124 / 6-page reflection paper

3 Graduate-Level Credits:
$186 / 9-page reflection paper

The University of the Pacific is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, and all courses will appear on an Official Transcript from the Registrar's Office at UOP. Participating in our workshop sessions are a prerequisite to the course enrollment(s). Some school districts may require pre-approval prior to enrollment. It is your responsibility to know your district's policies.

Course Requirements

There are only two requirements for the awarding of credit:

  1. Self-Created Time Log: Create a PDF, JPEG, or Word document including a self-created time log documenting the time you spend creating curriculum, activities, projects, strategies, or techniques inspired by the workshop that you attend. Creating your own log gives you the freedom of documenting all the time and effort you have dedicated to completing your coursework requirements. Your log must be specific and include dates and accomplishments. For each Graduate-Level Credit, document 15 hours of involvement. All your coursework participation must be away from professionally paid hours.

    Whether you spend time brainstorming new ideas, creating new curriculum, researching, reading, typing your reports, reviewing Smekens materials/resources, or composing notes at the workshop, you are able to document all the professional time that you have invested enhancing your professional growth. You may also backdate your log to include previously developed teaching techniques or activities.

  2. Reflection Paper: Type a 3-page, single-spaced narrative report summarizing your overall experience of creating and/or developing new ideas inspired by the workshop you attended. You may modify, change, or adapt any ideas to meet your professional needs. The culminating goal of this report is to demonstrate how Smekens Education has enhanced and empowered your professional development.

Coursework Submission: Your coursework can be submitted up to 6 months from registering, and extensions are always granted upon request. You may also submit your coursework earlier if needed. The true course ending date that will appear on your transcript will reflect the date your coursework was received.

Your completed coursework should be saved as a PDF, JPEG, or Word document and include the following:

  1. Title page with your last name, first name, course number and title, number of credits, last 4 digits of SSN, and course beginning/ending date.

  2. Self-created time-log documenting 15 hours per credit with dates and accomplishments. Include the total number of hours calculated for all coursework. (See log example below.)

  3. Reflection Paper(s) summarizing how Smekens Education enhanced your professional growth.

Email your completed coursework as an attachment to

Log Example: It may be that you require more or less time completing your own personal activities and/or projects, and that's why we have left it to you to decide how you manage your time.

Reflection Paper Requirements

Each graduate-level credit requires a 3-page, typed, single-spaced narrative report. Try to incorporate the following key points into the structure of your report. Remember, this narrative is about YOUR experience...Be creative with your writing!

A. Activities, projects, strategies, or techniques of implementation:
Describe the activity, project, strategy, or technique that you developed as a result of attending the workshop or conference. Be sure to include materials and resources utilized. For example, handouts, visual aids, props, books, learning strategies, etc. Detail why you chose this idea and how it fits into your professional development needs or those of your learners. Explain the actual process of introducing your project and the methods used for instruction.

B. Population target: grade level, type of class, groups:
Define the needs and goals of the learners that you designed these ideas for and how they might correlate to their specific needs and/or core objectives. Indicate if these learning methods were designed for special need students, specific groups within a class, developmental ages, etc.

C. Objectives and goals:
Describe the specific targeted learning objectives and how they related to the goals of your instructional program. Try to correlate the objectives/goals to the specific activity/project you presented. Possibly correlate, when appropriate, the objectives/goals with the Common Core Standards set for your curriculum.

D. Evaluation methods utilized:
Describe how you evaluated the success of the projects you developed. What methods or criteria did you use to assess your achievement of specific goals?

E. Overall outcomes and reactions:
Include your personal assessments of how the learning objectives and goals were achieved. What were the reactions of your learners? How would you redesign or change the methods utilized with future utilization of the projects?

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