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Equipping teachers with the tools and motivation to improve instruction in reading and writing is our top priority. Providing powerful professional development is how we pull it off.

Meet the team

Kristina Smekens

Kristina Smekens

President & Lead Consultant

Courtney Gordon

Literacy Consultant

Shona Lansdell

Literacy Consultant
Bridget Longmeier

Bridget Longmeier

Remote Coach

Kristi McCullough

Literacy Consultant
Rachel Remenschneider

Rachel Remenschneider

Literacy Consultant


So, what does Smekens do?

For more than a dozen years, we have been helping to boost achievement in reading and writing by providing practical and engaging professional development for teachers. During that time, we’ve worked with hundreds of schools and thousands of teachers to equip educators with our practical and innovative literacy strategies.

Whether you need individual educator support or you want to launch a district-wide literacy initiative, our teacher professional development can include a wide range of services to foster long-term growth among teachers and students.

“From our first conversation…I knew we were in the right place.”

Susan Wardell, Principal 

Holland Township School – Milford, NJ

“What you all do, it’s genuine, it’s authentic, and it’s easily applied to any grade level or content area.”

Zach Brown, Middle School Teacher

St. Luke Catholic School – Indianapolis, IN

“You get something new from every Smekens opportunity.”

Sarah Boehme, Teacher

Pawnee Grade School – Pawnee, IL


How we can help you

If you are ready to learn classroom-tested methods for bolstering achievement in reading and writing, we have lots of options to fit your specific goals, time line, and budget.

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