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Our webAcademy on-demand workshops allow teachers to learn best-practice strategies at their own pace.

Push your lesson plans further. Fuel your need for continuing education. Even meet your goals for salary advancement! Leverage the power of teacher professional development online from Smekens.

Online teacher workshop presenter Kristina Smekens

On-demand teacher workshops

Explore our broad course options, with topics including writing, reading, test prep.

CompCON Reading Comprehension Conference


11 hours | Grades K-12

Six Traits of Writing: An Introduction teacher workshop

5 hours | Grades K-12

Six Traits of Writing Implementation Strategies

5 hours | Grades K-12

Essential Lessons to Accelerate Student Writing webAcademy featured image


5 hours | Grades K-12
Launching the Writer's Workshop K-2 teacher workshop

5 hours | Grades K-2

Launching the Writer's Workshop 3-12 teacher workshop

5 hours | Grades 3-12

Teaching Writing Skills All Year Long teacher workshop

5 hours | Grades K-12

Planning and Facilitating a Close Reading teacher workshop

5 hours | Grades 2-12

An Introduction to Literacy Stations teacher workshop
5.5 hours | Grades K-5
Strategies for Teaching Small-Group Guided Reading

5.5 hours | Grades K-5

First Day to Test Day
5.75 hours | Grades 3-12
14 Power Strategies to Boost Reading & Writing Achievement on Standardized Tests teacher workshop
10 hours | Grades 3-12

Need help selecting a workshop?

Fill out the form below or call us at (888) 376-0448 and our friendly team will help you choose the workshop topic that best meets your needs.

What is an on-demand Smekens workshop?

In the era of web-based learning, our webAcademy recorded workshops provide a convenient alternative to attending a live event. Now educators can tap into our engaging professional development workshops whenever it’s most convenient.

Whether you watch an on-demand workshop with your staff or as an individual, you’ll love our online teacher professional development workshops. The one-year access period allows you to watch the workshop gradually, on your unique timeline. Just like with live presentations, our self-paced online workshops provide the same energy and motivation that come standard with every Smekens workshop.

Benefits of participating in an on-demand workshop

Online training videos and asynchronous-based learning get a bad rap—in part because they are often so boring! But online teacher professional development courses from Smekens are anything but boring.

Here are a few of the benefits you get with online professional development from Smekens.

Capture the energy and enthusiasm of Smekens presenters.

View our professional development courses when it’s convenient for you—without having to miss school or make sub plans

View the workshop from anywhere in the world, saving time and money on travel costs.

View the workshop video gradually over a one-year access period in order to fully digest the content.

Earn professional development hours and continuing education credits for recertification.

Email the presenter directly to ask questions, clarify understanding, and troubleshoot problems.

Foster teamwork by viewing online workshops with fellow educators from your school.

Learn classroom-tested strategies and research-based approaches you can use right away.

Gain private (lifetime) access to a treasure trove of digital resources related to the workshop.

Pursue graduate-level credit for license renewal and salary-step increases.

Why is professional development important for teachers?

Relevant and engaging professional development can have a big impact on educator growth and ultimately student achievement.


What other educators say

Previous participants have enjoyed flexible, engaging online PD for teachers through our customized coursework. Hear about their experience for yourself!

I walk away with ready-to-go lessons that I can teach in my classroom!

Debbie Toussaint

4th Grade Teacher

Holy Family Catholic Academy – Inverness, IL

We are a Smekens school. We went to our first event many years ago…and it made believers out of them.
Tricia Stanley


Granville Wells Elementary – Jamestown, IN
It created a spark within me that I just haven’t felt for a while.

Charity Aguilera

ELA Curriculum Coordinator
Glendale Union HS District – Glendale, AZ

School-Wide Professional Learning Plans

Explore our different levels of online professional development below and choose the level that best matches your goals.



12-month access to one webAcademy workshop.

Lifetime access to the corresponding “secret site” of digital resources.



12-month access to every webAcademy workshop.

Lifetime access to the “secret site” for every webAcademy workshop.
Differentiated PD options to support diverse needs.




12-month access to every webAcademy workshop.


Lifetime access to the “secret site” for every webAcademy workshop.

Differentiated PD options to support diverse needs.

12-month subscription to webPD with access to 300+ PD videos.


8 hours of customized Remote Coaching to support implementation.


Customized yearlong Professional Learning Plan aligned to school goals.

Frequently asked questions

When do online workshops occur?

Smekens online workshops are available on-demand. Each workshop is pre-recorded and ready when you are. By leveraging our PD for teachers online, learning can happen alongside your schedule.

How far in advance do I need to arrange an online workshop?

Whether you pay with a credit card or a purchase order, your access can start in one business day or less.

What is included with an online workshop?

When you register for our online workshops for teachers, you get one year of access to video footage captured during a live, full-day seminar. The length of these videos is, on average, at least five hours.

In addition, registrants also receive a full-color downloadable handout and lifetime access to a password protected “secret website” of related resources.

How do I register and pay?

Individual educators may register online with a credit card or by submitting a downloadable registration form with a purchase order. Groups of two or more should email or fax the downloadable registration form to Smekens Education with a purchase order.

What happens after I register?

When individual educators register online with a credit card, they will immediately receive a confirmation email from Smekens Education. Then, a member of our team will reach out within one business day to provide instructions on accessing the online workshop.

When groups of two or more register, easy-to-follow access instructions will be emailed to all participants.

Am I allowed to share my online workshop with others?

Sorry, allowing others to view or access your personal registration for our online workshops for teachers is prohibited. However, schools may purchase a site license to allow every teacher to have their own personal registration.

Are online workshops appropriate for an entire staff?

Absolutely! In fact, most of our online workshop participants gain access through a school site license. Viewing online PD courses for teachers together as a staff is an excellent way to build shared goals and understanding.

Are online workshops interactive?

Every one of our online workshops for teachers is broken into several smaller video segments. These segments frequently end with a prompt from the instructor to “turn and talk.” If you’re watching by yourself, this time can be used for reflection. If you’re watching our online PD courses for teachers with a group, collegial conversations are encouraged.

Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

Every online teacher PD workshop comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. Our simple and effective strategies are sure to transform the way you teach. We stand behind every workshop with full confidence.

If you aren’t satisfied, contact me within the first ten days of your purchase. I vow to give you a refund immediately. There are no additional forms to fill out, and there will be no delay. Just call (888) 376-0448 and ask for Brady or email me directly.

We believe so strongly in our online professional development for teachers that we give you our personal promise of a complete refund that is hassle free with no questions asked.

Brady Smekens
Director of Professional Development
Smekens Education Solutions, Inc.

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