Help teachers succeed after the training

How Remote Coaching works

After teachers participate in Smekens professional development, they schedule time with their Remote Coach to focus on implementation. Each 30-minute session offers just enough time to celebrate successes, troubleshoot challenges, and offer next-steps.

Participate in Smekens-led professional development.
Meet with a Remote Coach for guidance & support.
Watch instruction improve and achievement soar!

How to plan your Remote Coaching


Contact us to discuss your specific needs and receive a custom coaching proposal.


Secure dates on the calendar for teachers to participate in coaching.


Launch live coaching sessions to make implementation a priority.

How much does Remote Coaching cost?

An affordable way to provide targeted follow-up support for teachers, Remote Coaching services are just $325 per hour. Coaching sessions typically include six or fewer teachers, last for 30 minutes, and occur monthly during the school year.

Benefits of Remote Coaching

When teachers begin to apply new ideas learned during a Smekens training, it’s only natural that questions and distractions will arise. Remote Coaching keeps the focus on implementation.

Engage the entire staff in a sustained PD initiative customized for your school.

Foster accountability by providing teachers with ongoing “face-to-face” support.

Equip every teacher with strategies and resources that can be used right away.

Enable teachers to ask questions, clarify understanding, and troubleshoot problems.

Offer job-embedded training and support in the context of your own school.

Participate in customized professional learning without hiring substitute teachers.

Foster teamwork and collegiality by growing as a learning community.
Make progress faster by building capacity among the entire staff.

Follow up on the topics teachers need

First, identify your greatest need. Then, let Smekens provide Remote Coaching to address your specific objectives.
Six Traits of Writing
Writer’s Workshop
Writing Mini-Lessons
Writing Process
Writing Assessment
Yearlong Writing Instruction
Constructed-Response Writing
Content-Area Writing
K-5 Reading Block
K-5 Literacy Stations
Small-Group Guided Reading
Comprehension Mini-Lessons
Yearlong Comprehension Instruction
Close Reading
Writing About Reading
Standardized Test Preparation

What other educators say

“I love watching Bridget! She does such a great job and is so warm and friendly. I am hearing good things from my teachers.”
MaryEllen Burton

Director of Curriculum, Danville District 118 – Danville, IL

“Bridget delivers meaningful and impactful strategies in a manner that takes the fear of getting started out of the equation."
Tony D. Hack

Principal, Brown Elementary School – Seymour, IN

“I loved the opportunities to ask questions, confer, then discuss with the whole group. I could get all of my questions answered from previous session content.”
Kathleen Swiesz

Teacher, Meade Elementary School, Danville, IL

Bridget Longmeier

Bridget Longmeier

Meet our Remote Coach

Bridget Longmeier loves to learn, grow, and help others. That’s why she’s so motivated to come alongside teachers as they execute best-practice instruction in reading and writing.

Her experiences as a classroom teacher and building-level literacy coach allow Bridget to support educators with customized guidance that helps both teachers and students succeed.

Top questions about Remote Coaching

Who is eligible for Remote Coaching?

Remote Coaching is a customized follow-up service only available for schools and districts that have engaged in Smekens-led professional development. Initial learning opportunities could include:

  • Attending a Smekens-sponsored workshop or conference.
  • Participating in on-site PD with Smekens consultants.
  • Viewing online workshops from webAcademy.
  • Learning with a webPD video subscription.
How long does each coaching session last?
A typical coaching session will last 30 minutes. During the session, the Remote Coach can engage teachers in focused conversations to celebrate progress, address questions, and plan next steps. To optimize participation, schools are encouraged to commit to a minimum of 10 hours of remote coaching during one school year.​
What happens after coaching dates are secured?
After a school has secured dates to provide Remote Coaching for teachers, the Smekens team then drafts a contract that outlines the details, such as coaching dates, times, objectives, etc. Once the contract is complete, the school contact person and the Remote Coach will work closely to plan for impactful coaching experiences.
What happens after a coaching session?
After each coaching session, the Smekens Remote Coach provides participants and other select leaders with a written summary of the meeting. After detailing who attended the session and what specific topics were addressed, the summary will highlight the “next steps” teachers were challenged to execute in their own classrooms. While there’s great value in the “face time” that teachers spend with their Smekens Remote Coach, the support doesn’t have to end when the video session is over. Teachers are welcome to email their Remote Coach between video sessions to seek clarification, ask for advice, or to share successes from their classrooms. Ongoing email support is just one of the perks involved with a Remote Coach contract.
What kind of technology is needed?
Setting up a video conferencing system is simple and inexpensive. All that is required is a broadband internet connection, a webcam with a microphone, a large monitor, and a simple speaker system. These tools, along with free software from Zoom will enable teachers and their Smekens Remote Coach to see and hear one another easily.
What materials are required for Smekens Coaching?
Smekens deals in best-practice teaching strategies—not in boxed curriculums. For this reason, remote coaching never requires the purchase of any specific resources. Occasionally, we recommend resources to assist teachers with implementation, but it is never required.
Can the Remote Coach come to my school?
Follow-up consultation with a Smekens Remote Coach begins with quality conversations. But after the relationship has started, it can be solidified further when the Remote Coach visits the school in person to offer face-to-face support. During an on-site visit, the Remote Coach can spend time in classrooms modeling instruction and providing real-time feedback for teachers. This add-on option offers a powerful way to engage teachers and enhance the potential for implementation. Contact Brady Smekens, Director of Professional Development to discuss the options.
When do we pay for Remote Coaching?
Once a Remote Coaching contract is in place, billing for all or part of the contract will begin. Schools and districts then have 30 days to submit payment by check. Credit card payments are not accepted for Remote Coaching.
How do we get funding for customized Remote Coaching?
Schools use a variety of funding sources to pay for Remote Coaching from Smekens. Some of the more common funding sources include the general fund, Title I, Title II-A, private foundation grants, community organizations, parent groups, and more.
What is the cancellation policy?
After a Remote Coaching contract has been signed by both parties, there is mutual agreement that the contract will not be cancelled. There may be occasions, however, when a session needs to be rescheduled.

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