Earn Graduate-Level Units after a Smekens Workshop

Smekens Education is pleased to partner with the University of the Pacific to provide workshop participants the opportunity to earn graduate-level university units. Whether you attend a live workshop or online workshop, you may choose to pursue 1, 2, or 3 non-degree units. These units are for licensure renewal and salary step increases only. The cost of graduate-level units is separate from the workshop registration fee. (These are post-baccalaureate professional development semester units of non-degree graduate level and are not applicable to a degree at University of the Pacific.)

At just $62 per unit, all University of the Pacific courses offered through Smekens Education are graded, graduate-level semester, professional development courses, designed as professional growth for educators.

The University of the Pacific is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, and all courses will appear on an Official Transcript from the Registrar’s Office at UOP. Participating in our workshop sessions are a prerequisite to the course enrollment(s). Some school districts may require pre-approval prior to enrollment. It is your responsibility to know your district’s policies.

Course Requirements
Contact Information
Grading and Transcripts

Course Registration

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Course Requirements

There are only two requirements for the awarding of each unit:

1. Self-Created Time Log

Create a PDF, JPEG, or Word document including a self-created time log documenting the time you spend creating curriculum, activities, projects, strategies, or techniques inspired by the workshop that you attend. Creating your own log gives you the freedom of documenting all the time and effort you have dedicated to completing your coursework requirements. Your log must be specific and include dates and accomplishments. For each Graduate-Level Unit, document 15 hours of involvement. All your coursework participation must be away from professionally paid hours.

Whether you spend time brainstorming new ideas, creating new curriculum, researching, reading, typing your reports, reviewing Smekens materials/resources, or composing notes at the workshop, you are able to document all the professional time that you have invested enhancing your professional growth. You may also backdate your log to include previously developed teaching techniques or activities.

2. Reflection Paper

For each graduate-level unit, type a 3-page, single-spaced narrative report summarizing your overall experience of creating and/or developing new ideas inspired by the workshop you attended. You may modify, change, or adapt any ideas to meet your professional needs. The culminating goal of this report is to demonstrate how Smekens Education has enhanced and empowered your professional development.

Coursework Submission:

Coursework can be submitted up to 6 months from registering, and extensions are always granted upon request. You may also submit your coursework earlier if needed. The true course ending date that will appear on your transcript will reflect the date your coursework was received.

Completed coursework should be saved as a PDF, JPEG, or Word document and include the following:

1. Title Page

Include your last name, first name, course number and title, number of units, last 4 digits of SSN, and course beginning/ending date.

2. Self-Created Time-Log

Document 15 hours per unit with dates and accomplishments. Include the total number of hours calculated for all coursework. (See log example below.)

3. Reflection Paper(s)

Summarize how Smekens Education enhanced your professional growth.

4. Completion Certificate

Include your Smekens Education Completion Certificate from the workshop.

Email your completed coursework as an attachment to coursework@teacherfriendly.com.

Log Example:

It may be that you require more or less time completing your own personal activities and/or projects, and that’s why we have left it to you to decide how you manage your time.

Contact Information

Mail all registrations and payments to:
Dr. Allan Lifson, Professional Development Programs,
University of the Pacific | Benerd College
729 West 16th Street, Ste. B-3
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 646-9696

For all registration confirmation and tuition/billing questions

University of the Pacific – Teacher Friendly Office
info@teacherfriendly.com | (949) 646-9696 (9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Pacific Time)

Grading and Transcripts

After submitting your coursework, you will receive a confirmation email notifying you that your coursework was received and is in the grading process. Please allow one to two business days to receive your confirmation.

Within 4-6 weeks from receiving your grading confirmation, you will receive a letter grade on an unofficial transcript from the Registrar’s Office at University of the Pacific/Benerd College by regular mail. The unofficial transcript will include instructions to request an Official Transcript. Provisions for rushed or expedited transcripts are also available upon request.

For any question regarding grades and transcripts, unit information, coursework submission, or extensions, please call (949) 646-9696 (T, W, TH; 8am-12pm, Pacific Time), or email info@teacherfriendly.com for a quick response.

Credit Available for These Courses


14 Power Strategies to Boost Reading & Writing Achievement on Standardized Tests – EDUP 9084


An Introduction to Literacy Stations – EDUP 9090


CompCON: Build a Yearlong Reading Calendar of Comprehension Instruction – EDUP 9273


Delivering Explicit & Engaging Comprehension Mini-Lessons – EDUP 9102


Developing a Reading Road Map for Teaching Comprehension – EDUP 9101


Essential Lessons to Accelerate Student Writing – EDUP 9321


First Day to Test Day – EDUP 9320


Launching the Writer’s Workshop (Grades K-2 & Grades 3-12) – EDUP 9202


Planning & Facilitating a Close Reading – EDUP 9098


Preparing for & Executing Remote Teaching – EDUP 9207


Six Traits of Writing: An Introduction – EDUP 9094


Six Traits of Writing: Implementation Strategies – EDUP 9095


Strategies for Teaching Argumentative Writing – EDUP 9097


Strategies for Teaching Informative Writing – EDUP 9096


Super Saturday Reading Conference – EDUP 9346


Super Saturday Writing Conference – EDUP 9248


Teaching Small-Group Guided Reading – EDUP 9091


Teaching Writing Skills All Year Long – EDUP 9093


Utilizing Data to Differentiate Small-Group Guided Reading – EDUP 9100


Writing After a Close Reading – EDUP 9099

Frequently asked questions about graduate-level credit

How do I register for grad-level units?

To register for graduate-level units, simply visit the University of the Pacific Smekens Education partner page.

Please allow for 1-3 weeks for your tuition payment to process.

Is the University of the Pacific accredited?

The University of the Pacific/Benerd College is California’s oldest private chartered university established in 1851 and is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

What is the required completion time?

Your coursework can be submitted up to 6 months from registering, and extensions are always granted upon request. You may also submit your coursework earlier if needed. The true course ending date that will appear on your transcript will reflect the date your coursework was received.

Who is eligible to pursue grad-level units?

Any educator who completes a Smekens Education workshop* (live or online) is eligible to pursue 1, 2, or 3 graduate-level units. For webAcademy online workshops, teachers must view the Verified View version and receive a Completion Certificate. Once a workshop is complete, teachers may register for a graduate-level course with the University of the Pacific.

*Smekens Education’s partnership with University of the Pacific began January 2019. All workshops since that date qualify for graduate-level units. Exceptions possible per University of the Pacific approval.

Will my school/state accept these units?

Before enrolling in a course with University of the Pacific, please check with your administrator or district office regarding policy. Some districts require pre-approval for graduate-level units.

When can I begin my time log?

As soon as you complete the workshop, you may begin logging contact hours. The time you spend looking through your notes, viewing the secret site, referring to additional sources, planning and developing lessons, collaborating with colleagues, and typing your reflection paper all count toward your contact hours.

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