On-Site Professional Development

On-Site Professional Development

At Smekens Education, our consultants are committed to sharing ideas and concepts that are grounded in current educational research. But what makes us unique is that we spend most of our time showing teachers how to apply the research through practical, classroom-tested strategies. Our consultants are known for leaving teachers with the tools and motivation they need to impact instruction right away.

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Kristi McCullough, Kristina Smekens, and Courtney Gordon

Why Smekens?

Customized Professional Learning

Our experienced team of literacy consultants start by working with administrators to nail down the specific needs. From there, we help craft a training and implementation plan that moves the school or district toward achieving its professional development goals.


With on-site professional learning from Smekens Education, schools and districts can provide professional development for an entire staff spending substantially less than it would cost to send large groups of teachers to a conference. Depending on the consultant and travel required, most one-day trainings cost less than $3,000.

Classroom Modeling

We understand that teachers are more likely to embrace new strategies if they can see them in action. That’s why we view classroom modeling as an essential role for our consultants. During our on-site visits, we welcome the opportunity to model concepts and strategies with real kids in "live” classrooms.

All Aboard

It is powerful for all teachers to learn new concepts and applications firsthand. They then share in the understanding and enthusiasm that results from on-site professional learning. With everyone on the same page, speaking the same language, staffs can move forward at the same pace.

Ongoing Support

Authentic professional development can only occur with ongoing learning and support. That’s why our consultants routinely invite on-site participants to stay in contact via email. Teachers place great value in the free feedback they receive from our consultants on their questions, challenges, and celebrations as they experiment with new strategies.

Meeting a Higher Standard

Smekens Education Solutions, Inc. is committed to providing the best, most up-to-date professional development in reading and writing. With the adoption of the Common Core State Standards by the majority of states, we have embraced our responsibility to ensure that the information and strategies we share highlight and support the national standards.

While our organization has always been research-based and strategy-rich, Smekens Education has renewed its commitment to support implementation of the Common Core with practical, standards-based strategies that are directly tied to the Core. With the heightened expectations of College and Career-Ready Standards, Smekens Education staff members continue to read, research, and develop instructional strategies to support the classroom teacher.

Within Indiana, we will utilize this same approach as we support schools working to implement the Indiana Academic Standards. Although there are many similarities between the Common Core and the Indiana standards, Smekens Education consultants recognize that there are differences, too. We are working diligently to stay abreast of the new expectations, resources, and assessments as they are being rolled out by the IDOE. You can expect direct references to the Indiana Academic Standards within customized, on-site professional learning and large regional workshops delievered by a Smekens Education consultant


Customize Your On-Site Workshop
Brady Smekens, Director of Professional Development, is ready to help match your school with the consultant who is best qualified to meet your unique professional development needs.

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Meet Our Consultants

Kristina Smekens

Teachers feel empowered and encouraged after working with Kristina. She is an expert at developing practical ways for K-12 teachers to apply research-based literacy strategies.
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Courtney Gordon

Known both for her enthusiasm and expertise, Courtney is a dynamic presenter whose practical strategies resonate with teachers across the K-12 spectrum.
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Kristi McCullough

A passion for teaching and learning is what drives Kristi, who consistently leaves teachers both excited and well-equipped to apply new literacy ideas in their PK-6 classrooms.
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