Helping teachers implement with success

Bridget Longmeier loves to learn, grow, and help others. That’s why she’s so motivated to come alongside teachers as they execute best-practice instruction in reading and writing.

Her experiences as a classroom teacher and building-level literacy coach allow Bridget to support educators with customized guidance that helps both teachers and students succeed.


Ready to listen, guide, and encourage

Bridget’s career as an elementary teacher, literacy coach, and Reading Recovery-trained practitioner has equipped her with the skills to help new and experienced educators alike.
Her friendly and approachable demeanor puts teachers at ease, allowing Bridget to foster productive coaching relationships. Whether teachers enter coaching sessions discouraged or flying high, Bridget meets them where they are and offers the guidance and encouragement that will make a difference.

How do I start learning from Bridget?

Helping teachers to have breakthroughs in their instruction is what Bridget loves most about being a Remote Coach. Educators look forward to their “face time” with Bridget, where they receive guidance and encouragement they can trust.
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Face-to-face remote coaching keeps your literacy priorities alive and your trusted support nearby.
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After developing a remote coaching relationship, Bridget is available for on-site coaching as well.
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What other educators say

“I love watching Bridget! She does such a great job and is so warm and friendly. I am hearing good things from my teachers.”

MaryEllen Burton

Director of Curriculum,
Danville District 118, Danville, IL

“Bridget is amazing! This was my first live coaching call, so I was not expecting any follow-up at all, much less a personalized video addressing my own questions. And then you video replied again when you realized I had an additional question! Thanks to you for being such an amazing resource!”

Rebecca Osterfeld

Jacob Coy Middle School, Xenia, OH

“I just wanted to reach out to you to tell you how impressed we are with Bridget! The teachers have not even officially started working with her, but they are so excited to start next week. Her positive attitude and encouragement has been amazing. Thank you so much for sending us such a great coach.”

Mandy Kirk

Our Lady of Grace Catholic School, Cincinnati, OH


Called to coach

Ever since she can remember, Bridget Longmeier has been part of a team. Whether it was as a student athlete or in her career as an educator, Bridget has always been drawn to opportunities where people work together to achieve a common goal. Combine this with her natural tendency to be a helper and leader, and it makes perfect sense that Bridget would emerge as a coach.

Before she began her role as Remote Coach, Bridget used her BA in Elementary Education from Indiana University to launch an 18-year career working with Seymour Community Schools in southern Indiana.

During her time at Seymour, she immersed herself in every possible opportunity to learn and grow and was always willing to share with colleagues via her blog, newsletter, and an always-growing Google drive. She spent years field-testing the strategies she learned from Smekens before ultimately joining our team as Remote Coach.

Bridget and her husband, Jason, live in Seymour, IN, where their three school-age children keep them busy with church, school, and whatever sport is currently in season.

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