Helping Teachers Make a Difference

Always developing her craft and expanding her knowledge, Rachel Remenschneider is driven by the desire to make a difference.

When teachers work with Rachel, they get excited about improving instruction with best-practice reading and writing strategies. Her contagious enthusiasm for learning translates into grassroots implementation.


Ready for the Pivot

Rachel’s experience implementing best-practice literacy strategies, along with her background as an academic and English Language Learner instructional coach, allows her to support diverse populations with customized on-site professional development. And because she was in the trenches when COVID-19 hit, she has first-hand knowledge of what it takes to execute best practices during a global pandemic.

While the academic standards always serve as the anchor for strategies and ideas shared with teachers, Rachel then works to meet teachers where they are. From there, she provides practical, next-step guidance for improving instruction and student achievement in reading and writing.

How Do I Start Learning From Rachel?

As we persevere through the COVID era, Rachel is ready to work with teachers side-by-side or remotely. Whether she’s fostering conversations with small groups of teachers or leading sessions with the entire staff, Rachel always equips educators with the confidence and tools they need to implement new ideas.

Schedule an On-Site School Visit
On-site training and consultations allow the entire staff to learn and grow together.
Schedule Live Virtual Training
Using Zoom video conferencing, live, face-to-face professional development for teachers is just a click away.
Schedule Remote Coaching
Face-to-face remote coaching keeps your literacy priorities alive and your trusted support nearby.

What other educators say

“I love the knowledge of the presenter and how engaging she was!”

Katie Berling

Saint Antoninus School,
Cincinnati, OH

“Rachel was fun to listen to. She kept the content flowing and certainly made it relevant to all of us!”

Rhonda Logsdon

Reading Recovery Teacher,
Baker Elementary,
Winchester, IN

“Highly engaging! Useful. I bet you were a good teacher!”

Katie McGuire

Albany Elementary School,
Albany, IN

“Rachel is RAD! So helpful!
We love her!”

Becky Watters

Eaton Elementary School,
Eaton, IN

“Rachel not only affirmed our strengths, but she also graciously/kindly/professionally led us to new takeaways. Loved!

Joy Yurk

St. Paul Lutheran School,
Grafton, WI

“This helped me clearly define parts of my instruction to make sure I am thoroughly modeling the process.”

Emily Gruber

Saint Antoninus School,
Cincinnati, OH


Up for a Challenge

Exceptionally organized, Rachel is always juggling a host of priorities—which is just how she likes it. A hardworking team player, she invests deeply into preparing for professional development that will make a difference for both teachers and students.

Although Rachel hadn’t always planned to be an educator, her experience as a cadet teacher during the last semester of high school solidified her desire to make a difference in the world. To that end, she adjusted her college plans and chose to attend Ball State University where she earned her BA in Elementary Education and later secured a Master’s in Reading and Literacy Instruction.

With a degree in hand, Rachel began her career at the elementary school she attended as a child in northwest Indiana. When love and a new opportunity presented itself, Rachel moved to the other corner of the state and began a 10-year opportunity with East Allen County Schools in Fort Wayne, IN.

During her time at East Allen, Rachel was the beneficiary of a broad range of experiences. In this diverse urban and suburban district, she taught a variety of grades and subjects, led building-level professional development, and even volunteered to lead her grade level’s all-virtual classroom.

In her role as a literacy consultant with Smekens Education, Rachel offers professional development for teachers through on-site school visits, virtual training, and remote coaching.

She and her husband, Garret (also an educator), live in Fort Wayne, IN and are always up for an adventure with family and friends. They also give lots of lovin’ to their dog, Mia Ray, a spunky boxer/lab mix.

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