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Thousands of educators have transformed their instruction after learning our practical, classroom-tested strategies for teaching reading and writing. With Smekens Education you have a partner ready to support you with the tools and techniques you need to impact every student.

How will working with Smekens help my school?

Focused effort to improve instruction in reading and writing.
Highly-trained teachers equipped with practical, best-practice strategies.
Shared language and methodology for teaching reading and writing.
Increased teacher and student engagement.
Standards-driven instruction to bolster student achievement.
Classroom-tested tools and resources for implementation.

The results tell the story

Reading & Writing Experts

How can we help you?

Teacher Training

Equipping K-12 teachers with the skills and motivation they need to impact every student.

Virtual/Interactive Workshops
On-Demand Workshops
Custom On-Site Training
Live Virtual Training
webPD Video Subscription

Professional Learning

Focused and sustained guidance for improving achievement in reading and writing.

Customized On-Site Consulting
Mini-Lesson Modeling
Remote Coaching
webPD Video Subscription

Books & Resources

Print and digital materials to help facilitate implementation.

Launching the Writer’s Workshop
Smekens Originals
Professional Books
Children’s Books

Are we the right fit for you?

Typical PD provider approach
Smekens Education approach
A well-meaning author or expert leads a boring session that leaves teachers grumbling.
Time flies as teachers are engaged in learning that is fun and motivating.
Experts tell teachers what they are supposed to do but don’t explain how to do it.
Down-to-earth consultants pull from their own classroom experiences to share simple and effective ways to make change happen in the classroom.
Professional development materials are plentiful but lack relevance and functionality.
Handouts and materials are attractive, easy to follow, and ready to use.
Concepts and strategies contradict previous professional learning from the same company.
All professional learning is tied together by a core set of vocabulary and strategies that is consistent in every presentation and across the K-12 spectrum.
You have to purchase an expensive program that accompanies the training.
Energy, enthusiasm, and best-practice strategies are delivered without the requirement of purchasing any additional resources.
During on-site professional development, the expert delivers a canned presentation that he or she delivers at every school.

Every on-site or virtual consultation is customized to address the unique needs of the participants, making the experience extra personal.

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