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Educators don’t become expert teachers after a training or two. It takes practice and professional learning that occurs over the long haul. With a subscription to webPD, the learning never stops.
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So, what is webPD?

A library of professional development videos would be one way to describe webPD, our on-demand video subscription service. But that’s just the beginning.
With on-demand access to more than 200 professional learning videos, subscribers are equipped with the strategies they need to improve instruction, address emerging needs, and bolster achievement. And when the entire staff is included in the subscription, every educator in your building can learn to execute expert instruction all year long.

Benefits of a webPD video subscription

High-quality on-demand professional development for teachers is within reach—thanks to webPD.
Building-wide subscribers:
Receive a customized viewing strategy to address your school’s unique professional development goals in reading and writing.
Engage the entire staff in PD focused on your school’s specific priorities in reading and/or writing.
Equip every teacher with practical, classroom-tested strategies that can be used right away.
Demonstrate a unified commitment to building-wide literacy initiatives by having all teachers participate.
Offer differentiated teacher PD that supports the unique needs of each staff member.
Foster teamwork and collegiality by having teachers view videos in a learning community.
Utilize building-level analytics to assess participation and reward active subscribers.
Individual subscribers:
Rely on webPD for trusted, high-energy PD all year long.
View professional development videos at the time and place most convenient for you.
Learn best-practice strategies for leading effective instruction in reading and writing.
Participate in live coaching sessions available only to webPD subscribers.
Earn completion certificates for every video you watch. (“Verified View” subscribers only.)
Use your personal profile to keep track of which videos you have viewed.

Types of video content available

Subscribers to webPD enjoy access to Smekens professional development videos in a single, easy-to-access location. Each video falls into one of five categories.

Planned PD

These sessions last 30-120 minutes and always include a downloadable handout for note-taking.

Quick Clips

Short and focused, these video sessions last 1-10 minutes and include a corresponding article.

Ask Smekens

Recorded as direct responses to teacher inquiries, these videos last 1-10 minutes and include a short article.

Coaching Calls

These sessions last 30 minutes and include extended ways to use strategies. Catch the coaching call live or watch the recording.


These sessions last 30-60 minutes and include access to complimentary resources. Participate in the live webinar or watch the recording.

Video selections to help teachers K-12

Whether you teach kindergarten or high school, webPD has videos for teachers at every level.
Six Traits of Writing
Writer’s Workshop
Writing Mini-Lessons
Writing Units & Genres
Writing Assessment
Yearlong Writing Instruction
Constructed-Response Writing
Content-Area Writing
K-5 Reading Block
K-5 Literacy Stations
Small-Group Guided Reading
Comprehension Mini-Lessons
Close Reading
Academic Vocabulary
Writing About Reading
Standardized Test Preparation

What other educators say

“I liked the flexibility to have the staff watch it at different times. Some attended a morning presentation, some in the afternoon, and some viewed it at home. The teachers really like the way Smekens products make sense.”

Marcia Alexander

Kingsford Heights Elementary School, Kingsford Heights, IN

“We loved them! There was a lot of binge watching going on. Who needs Netflix when you have Smekens webPD?”

Karen Phelps

Literacy Coach,
Arlington Woods Elementary School, Indianapolis, IN

“I love everything I have ever listened to, viewed, or purchased from Smekens! It is easy—no program—just GOOD teaching strategies that anyone can use with students!”

Kristan Robertson

Literacy Coach,
Huber Ridge Elementary School, Westerville, OH

Moving Forward

How to get started with webPD

If you’re ready to have on-demand access to our largest collection of literacy strategies, now is the time to subscribe to webPD. Here’s how:
Register online with a credit card.
Ideal for individual subscriptions.
Submit an order form by email or fax.
Ideal for school-wide subscriptions.

How much does a video subscription cost?

An affordable way to offer professional development for teachers, webPD offers great value for your investment.
Individual Subscription
$99 per person per year
(Whichever is less)
Building-level Subscription
$2,000 per year


Meet our video subscription presenters

Kristina Smekens

Lead Consultant

Kristi McCullough

Literacy Consultant

Bridget Longmeier

Remote Coach

Top questions about webPD on-demand video subscription

What is included with a webPD video subscription?

When you subscribe to webPD, you get unlimited viewing of all 250+ videos, plus access to every new video that is added during your subscription.

How do I sign up and pay?

Individual educators may register online with a credit card or by submitting a downloadable registration form with a purchase order. Groups of two or more should email or fax the downloadable registration form to Smekens Education with a purchase order.

What happens after I register?

When individual educators register online with a credit card, they will receive immediate access to webPD. When groups of two or more register with a downloadable registration form, easy-to-follow access instructions will be emailed to all participants within one business day.

Am I allowed to share my webPD subscription with others?
Allowing others to access your personal online webPD subscription is prohibited. However, schools may purchase a building-wide subscription to allow every teacher to have their own personal account.
Are webPD videos appropriate for all-staff PD sessions?
Absolutely! In fact, many building-wide subscribers pull the entire staff together to watch videos as a group.
How often are new videos added?
The webPD video collection is always growing! In fact, we add new content approximately once each week.
Can I get continuing education credits for watching webPD videos?

Yes! Once you complete a webPD video, you’ll receive a downloadable completion certificate reflecting the time you spent learning. Certificates are stored in your personal profile and can be downloaded when you are ready to pursue continuing education credit.

Can I pursue graduate-level credit after watching webPD videos?
Unfortunately, we do not currently offer graduate-level credits for webPD subscribers.

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