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A completion certificate is available for download at the end of each video,
but you do not have the flexibility to jump ahead.
No completion certificates are awarded at the end of a video, but you have the flexibility to jump ahead in any given video.
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What is webPD?

- School-wide video subscription featuring simple and effective strategies for teaching reading and writing.
- On-demand professional learning for every teacher across the K-12 spectrum.
- Trusted resource for helping teachers acquire best-practice literacy strategies.
- A source of practical literacy strategies rooted in the College and Career-Ready Standards.

“I liked the flexibility to have the staff watch it at different times. Some attended a morning presentation, some in the afternoon, and some viewed it at home.”

M. Alexander Kingsford Heights, IN

What's included with my subscription?

- Unlimited sitewide access to 140+ professional learning videos.
- High-energy presentations led by literacy experts.
- Practical, classroom-tested ideas.
- Downloadable resources to accompany each video.
- Outstanding content for professional learning communities.
- Friendly and accessible customer support.

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