Professional development in reading & writing for K-12 teachers

Teachers and their students benefit from the practical, best-practice teaching strategies developed and shared by Kristina Smekens and her team of expert literacy consultants. Through regional workshops, on-site school trainings, and online training videos, Smekens Education equips teachers with both the ideas and the motivation they need to engage learners and improve student achievement in reading and writing.1

Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

Thousands of teachers have come to rely on our one and two-day regional workshops to keep their literacy instruction fresh and their motivation high. With a full range of topics that focus on K-12 reading and writing, our seminars occur at locations throughout the Midwest.

Idea Library

Idea Library

A giant collection of best-practice literacy strategies awaits K-12 educators who utilize our Idea Library. Born from our monthly newsletter, “Big Ideas,” the Idea Library features hundreds of free articles, videos, mini-lessons, and downloadable tools for teaching reading, writing, and content literacy.

Teacher Bookstore

Teacher Bookstore

In the big world of book sales, The Literacy Store is one of the little guys. But, this diamond in the rough features an amazing selection of professional books and children’s literature, and it’s the only place where you’ll find our best-selling Smekens Originals.

Kristina Smekens

Making the complex seem simple

Some people refer to Kristina Smekens as a “dynamo.” Others have called her the “Rachel Ray” of education. Regardless of how you describe our president and lead consultant, Kristina has a gift for making the complex seem simple.

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On-Demand Literacy Training

Too many teachers have sat through training sessions that were either a waste of time, boring, or both! That’s never the case with the high-energy training videos from webPD, where each session is fast-paced, engaging, and full of tangible best-practice strategies.

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On-Site Trainings

Providing customized staff development

Just as every student has unique needs, so do the teachers who lead them. Our trio of literacy consultants craft and deliver customized, on-site school trainings to meet those needs.

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