Literacy Retreat 2015

Presenters: Kristina Smekens, Courtney Gordon, & Kristi McCullough

Back-to-School Literacy Conference

Presenters: Kristina Smekens & Kristi McCullough


Six Traits of Effective Writing

Presenter: Kristina Smekens

Planning & Facilitating a Close Reading

Presenter: Kristina Smekens

Writing After a Close Reading

Presenter: Kristina Smekens

Strategies for Leading Effective Literacy Stations

Presenter: Kristi McCullough

Strategies for Teaching Reading with Small-Group Instruction

Presenter: Kristi McCullough


What are teachers saying about Smekens Education Workshops?

"100% valuable! 100% motivating!" D. Carlson

"Great for all grades--even K!" K. Niepokoj

"Multitude of useable ideas!" S. Armstead