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Reflect, Don’t Revise, Before Standardized Tests

February 17, 2016


Picture and label writers:
Identify the BME of PK-1 Opinion Writing
List and sentence writers:
Require the WHAT & WHY in Primary Opinion Writing

As standardized assessments approach, there is great power in having students reflect on their writing without actually revising it. Reflecting allows students to reread a previous writing and question what they would improve if they had the opportunity to revise the piece. Thus, students are taking advantage of a second look.

However, don’t have them actually make those changes. In the weeks before the state assessment, don’t consume large amounts of class time executing a step of the writing process that is not measured on the typical assessments. Students do not have the luxury of revision during a one-sitting, first-draft-only standardized writing assessment.

Instead, teach students how to reflect on a draft and then tuck away those ideas for the next on-demand writing prompt they face.

Revision: Reflect on writer choices
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