There are numerous resources for supporting students as they learn to track or annotate their thinking while reading print text. But what about resources for marking up and annotating digital text?


Notability–This paid note-taking app offers users tools to annotate, sketch, clip, record and more. Capture your thoughts with a snap of an image or an uploaded text. It may cost, but it is definitely worth every penny. Click to view a tutorial for Notability here.

Skitch–This FREE app provides an easy way for students and teachers to annotate using arrows, text, shapes, and icons. Students could use it to mark up and label photographs or provide comments during a science lab. Teachers could give feedback after snapping a photo of student work. For more ideas with Skitch and a basic tutorial, watch this video.

Web 2.0 Tools:

Curriculet–This reading tool helps to promote close reading skills by guiding students through checkpoints to trigger comprehension. Layer questions, quizzes, and media content within text to maximize student engagement. Learn more about Curriculet and what it can do for your classroom here.

Actively Learn–True to its name, students will be actively learning through digital text with this site. Students can dive deep into text peeling back the layers as they annotate directly in the virtual margins, and classmates can respond in real time. A terrific way for students to get involved in critical thinking within a text.

For more technology tools and resources follow Nadine Gilkison (Smekens Education Digital Resource Designer) on or @nadinegilkison on Twitter.

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