The media and visual literacy standard expects that students can read and infer messages from images. Finding ways to integrate the 2000+ emojis would tap this standard and provide motivation for some reluctant readers and writers.

Emojis in reading instruction

  • Using an Emoji Keyboard, ask students to retell events of a story or article using emojis. Analyzing ideas and then selecting the appropriate icons requires students to use their critical thinking skills. This is great for summarizing, determining main idea, and teaching theme.
  • Using a single character from a novel, have students identify three character traits using appropriately chosen emojis and supporting with textual evidence. Download editable templates.

Emojis in writing instruction

  • Rebus stories are created when a picture substitutes a word. Emojis are perfect for this! Check out these primary students creating rebus fairy tales. Think about having students create rebus sentences to go along with vocabulary words!

Emojis as an end-of-class reflection

Emoji Exit Ticket

For more information about integrating emojis, watch Nadine Gilkison’s emoji PD video.

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