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Include Feeling Words in Exclamatory Sentences

may 4, 2016

Exclamation marks are used in sentences that reveal extreme emotion. In addition to teaching the punctuation mark, improve students’ “emotions vocabulary,” beyond mad, glad, and sad.

Three different ways to share voice with your students.

The original “Let Your Voice Be Heard” poster by Smekens Education is available for purchase at The Literacy Store.com.

Homemade Voice Poster - Tiana Perin

“Let Your Voice Be Heard” poster by sixth grade teacher Tiana Perin at Van Buren Elementary (Van Buren, IN).

“How Are We Feeling?” mini-posters by third grade teacher Danielle Phillips at Triton Central Elementary (Fairland, IN).

Bridget Longmeier, Smekens Education Remote Coach, modeled mini-lessons in classrooms at Fairlawn Elementary School (Evansville, IN). She noticed an interesting display in Jared Shockley’s fourth grade classroom. He had taken pictures of teachers–instead of students–displaying different emotions.

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