At the end of the year, it’s not uncommon for teachers to recognize students for their contribution and success throughout the year. However brainstorming an appropriate award for every student can be difficult. Here’s a fabulous idea that takes little or no work on your part!

Announce that each student will earn an award this year, but you need help determining what the award titles should be. With each student’s name written down, ask students to brainstorm an award that fits that student’s personality and accomplishments. However, the award must begin with the same sound (phonics) as the person’s name. For example, Helpful Hannah would fit Hannah, the student always offering support to her peers. Chipper Charles would be perfect for Charles who always has a positive attitude.

Have every student propose an award title for each of his classmates, and then you can select the most appropriate one, or the class could vote. What a fun way to dole out awards to students and also review phonics skills, address alliteration, and target word choice! We can thank Bright Elementary (Bright, IN) first grade teacher Linda Schmidt for that fabulous idea.

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