Several teachers sent information about ISTEP Pep Assemblies they hosted prior to testing week. Many hosted special dress-up spirit days. There are some really creative educators out there delivering test-prep tips and Test LadyTM reminders to students! Here are a few highlights of some new favorite ISTEP activities.

At South Creek Elementary (Indianapolis, IN), teachers shared this “Let’s Get it Started” video during a pep assembly as a final boost before the first test.

In addition to that video, teacher Nadine Gilkison also created iPhone commercials to play each morning after the school announcements.This writing prompt commercial played at South Creek the morning students were preparing for the ISTEP writing portion.

And then, right before the extended reading portion, they aired this test-reading commercial. GENIUS!

How about this one–Mitchell High School (Mitchell, IN) teacher Megan Elgin had all her students vote for their favorite Test Lady via a PowerPoint Pageant. Not only did they select their favorite photo, but students also voted for their favorite “old lady” name! The winning image and name were posted in Megan’s classroom. She said her high school students now have a better grasp of writing to an audience and understand that a real person scores their ECA writing. LOVE IT!

If you think those are great, check this out. Suzy Fox and the staff at Yorktown Middle School (Yorktown, IN) created a “Final Countdown to the ISTEP” video for students. It shows what teachers and administrators do behind the scenes to prepare students for the big test.

Teachers at Yorktown Elementary School (Yorktown, IN) reenacted the Smekens Education Test Lady™ runway skit last year. This year they wanted a new theme to inspire their students to do their best. So they created a motivational video.

Yorktown Elementary School’s ISTEP Prep video introduces the Dynamic Writing Force, a team of super heroes determined to help students succeed on the standardized test writing prompt.

Great ideas for motivating students to succeed on standardized tests. Thanks to all the teachers who shared!

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